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Product name:BA-1 Alternating pressure pump 

⑴Standard Features:

◆ Simple to operate

◆ Portable & Lightweight

◆ Low Noisy

◆ Alternating pressure pump prevents pressure sore & provides pressure relief.

◆ Pressure Range:30-110mmHg Adjusted by the weight of patient.

◆ Fuse on the outside for easy to repair.

⑵Technical Specifications:

 Weight:  1.4kg
 Dimensions:  24cm(L) x 12cm(W) x 9.5cm(H)
 Fuse:  1A
 Power supply:  220V/50Hz
 Power consumption:   < 7W
 Cycle time:  10 min
 Pressure Range:   30 mmHg - 110 mmHg 
 Air output:  5-7 liter/min

⑶Pump Picture:

Total view:                                                                                 Front view:

Side view:                                                                             Back view:


Fuse:                                                                          Air filter:


Fixed Hooks: